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  • Specialties

    Brisket(GF) – Our most requested entrée, slow cooked and perfectly seasoned. This is a very versatile choice, can be used for a company picnic or an elegant plated dinner.

    Red Wine Braised Beef – New on the menu and our new favorite. We braise tender cuts of beef in red wine and Italian seasoning and then slow cook it until it is deliciously tender. It is a beautiful and elegant dinner choice.

    Stuffed Chicken Breast(GF) – A breast of chicken stuffed with a delicious combination of pesto, roasted red bell pepper, and mozzarella cheese. This is perfect for a special occasion when presentation is important.

    Cream Chicken and Almond Rice(GF) – Strips of chicken sautéed with onions and cooked until tender in a light creamy parmesan sauce, served with specially prepared rice with sautéed onions and almonds. Cream Chicken and Almond Rice tastes like comfort food, yet makes a beautifully plated dish.

    Pork Tenderloin in White Wine Sauce – A slowly roasted pork loin served in a light white wine and mushroom sauce. This entrée is perfect for a special occasion or a holiday meal with family.

    Honey Roasted Pork Tenderloin(GF) – Delicious, tender pork medallions, served by itself or with sauce

    Shrimp and Grits(GF) – A southern favorite! A spicy creole sauce with andouille sausage served over shrimp and cheddar grits. Yum!!

    Chicken Marsala – A tender 6 oz chicken breast and sliced mushrooms cooked in a creamy Marsala wine sauce.

    Caprese Chicken(GF) – This mozzarella and tomato topped chicken is elegant and delicious. Presents really well for a special occasion.

    Tuscan Chicken(GF) -Boneless Chicken braised in Italian Seasoning served in a light cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and spinach.

    Smoked Turkey Breast(GF) – Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving anymore, it is a delicious entree and pairs will with many sides. Great for a carving station as well.

    Beef Tips(GF) – (Based on market value) A little more expensive but worth every penny!!Tender, bite, size pieces of perfectly seasoned beef filet in au jus.

  • Classics

    Lasagna – This is a classic dish made from scratch with tender ground chuck, a special blend of cheeses, and house made marinara sauce.

    Pot Roast – Everybody loves tender pot roast in brown gravy, pairs perfectly with a heaping spoonful of homemade mashed potatoes.

    Italian Chicken Pasta – A delicious blend of sautéed chicken, prosciutto and parmesan in a light cream sauce served over penne pasta

  • Budget Friendly

    Pulled Pork(GF) – Tender and tasty, BarBQ is always a hit, no matter the occasion.

    Pulled Chicken(GF) – This is so versatile and delicious. Seasoned with our house rub, this chicken goes with pulled pork, brisket, taco bar and the list goes on.

    Grilled Chicken(GF) – Seasoned with our special rub, a perfect choice for a large crowd or to complement another entree.

    Chicken Spaghetti – A blend of creamy cheese and chicken. Served casserole style, always a favorite.

    Mexican Bar – (offers GF) – A favorite no matter your budget…too many options to write in words…please inquire

    Pasta Bar – Who doesn’t love pasta – the choices are endless – please inquire