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Entrees - Specialties

Kathy's Sugar and Spice Catering - EntreeBrisket - Our most requested entrée, slow cooked and perfectly seasoned. This is a very versatile choice, can be used for a company picnic or an elegant plated dinner.

Stuffed Chicken Breast - A breast of chicken stuffed with a delicious combination of pesto, roasted red bell pepper, and mozzarella cheese. This is perfect for a special occasion when presentation is important.

Cream Chicken and Almond Rice - Strips of chicken sautéed with onions and cooked until tender in a light creamy parmesan sauce, served with specially prepared rice with sautéed onions and almonds. Cream Chicken and Almond Rice tastes like comfort food, yet makes a beautifully plated dish.

Chicken and Grapes with Couscous - A Delicious blend of sautéed chicken, tangy grapes and a light cream sauce served over a bed of couscous.

Pork Roast with Onion Marmalade - A slowly roasted pork loin served with delicious sweet and tangy onion marmalade. This entrée is perfect for a special occasion or a holiday meal with family.

Deep Fried Turkey - A holiday favorite! A 12 to 14 pound turkey that has been perfectly marinated and deep fried to seal in all the natural juices, Delicious!

Stuffed Manicotti - A blend of beef or spinach and Italian cheeses with a perfectly seasoned tomato sauce