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  • Vegetables and Side Dishes

    New Potatoes(GF) roasted with Olive Oil, Garlic & Fresh Thyme and Rosemary– A beautiful, tasty side dish that pairs well with the nicest dishes.

    Green Beans(GF) – A simple classic, sautéed whole fresh green beans

    Wild Rice Medley(GF) – Colorful, healthy, delicious grains. Makes a beautiful presentation.

    Cajun Potato Salad(GF)– New potatoes, green onions, bell pepper and a special blend of Cajun seasoning, just a little kick, not too hot. A delicious twist to a traditional favorite.

    Green Bean Bundles(GF) – Petite whole green beans wrapped in bacon and marinated in a tasty dressing. Plates beautifully and tastes even better. (Add $1 per person)

    Roasted Sweet Potatoes(GF) – Maple glazed roasted sweet potatoes…so sweet you could eat them for dessert

    Creamed Corn – A southern classic of sweet corn in a buttery cream sauce and always homemade.

    Traditional Macaroni and Cheese – This is a cheesy favorite, pairs well with almost everything.

    Maple glazed Carrots(GF) – Baby carrots roasted in a sweet maple glaze.

    Mashed Potatoes(GF) – Nothing frozen or processed, these are hand peeled and mashed.

    Loaded Mashed Potatoes(GF) – A very flavorful blend of bacon, cheese, sour cream, butter and chives in creamy mashed potatoes.

    Cheesy mashed potatoes(GF) – Mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese melted all through.

    Baked Beans – A perfect side for a BBQ

    Steamed Veggies(GF) – Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots sprinkled with a little garlic and parmesan cheese

    Roasted seasonal veggies(GF) – a lightly seasoned variety of fresh veggies, roasted just enough to draw out their unique flavors.

    Hash brown casserole – A traditional potato casserole.

  • Salads

    Romaine Crunch Salad – A bed of romaine lettuce, broccoli, and green onion tossed a sweet homemade dressing and a crunchy mix of nuts and Ramen noodles.

    Spinach Salad(GF) – Fresh baby spinach, berries, sliced almonds and goat cheese with a homemade poppy seed dressing.

    Greek Salad(GF) – Crunchy romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, olives and sweet peppers and feta cheese with homemade red wine vinaigrette

    Garden Salad(GF) – A simple salad with cucumbers and tomatoes, served with a variety of bottled dressing of your choice.

    Apple Harvest Salad(GF) – A bed of spring mix lettuce topped with apple slices, feta cheese, and roasted pecans with a maple syrup vinaigrette.

    Oriental Cole Slaw – A nutty, crunchy slaw with an Oriental flair

    Traditional Cole Slaw(GF) – A southern favorite of shredded cabbage, onions, pickles, and peppers with a peppery, sweet dressing.

    Sweet Kale Salad(GF) – a crunchy blend of Kale, shredded Brussel sprouts, mixed greens with dried cranberries, nuts, feta, and sweet Poppy Seed Dressing.

    Broccoli Salad(GF) – Broccoli florets, a mixture of nuts and raisins, parmesan cheese, red onion tossed with a light dressing.

    Black Bean & Corn Salad(GF) – Black beans, corn and Tex Mex flavors – Tasty and Lean

    Pasta Salad – We make a few varieties to choose from.

  • Breads and Rolls

    Fresh Yeast Rolls – a fresh yeasty roll with a parmesan mixture sprinkled on top

    Corn Bread Muffins – A southern classic that perfectly compliments the right meal

    Mexican Corn Bread – Corn bread with cheese, peppers and corn, a delicious combination.

    Garlic Bread – French bread baked with butter and garlic